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Now that I have the pictures posted from the session with Addie, I want to take a minute and say this about her, Addie is a wonderful and fun person. When I first met her and Psymon, I was very extremely nervous. They were the first people to know that I had a tickling fetish. So when they asked me how long I had been into tickling and such, I was so nervous and embarrassed I felt like I was in a fog, I don’t even remember too much about the start of the day of us hanging out, they were both so kind and friendly that I slowly loosened up. I do remember later that night, Addie carefully asking me, so to make the question easier for me, What my favorite video of theirs was, “You don’t have to say the name of it.” she had told me. They both really helped me to come out of my shell. I’m glad to have been able to know both of them and count them as friends of mine!


A bit of spanking and light tickling from my visit with J.

the Lion and his bunny

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